A company cannot be successful as long as we have without realizing the importance of looking towards the future. At RiverStone Group this takes many forms. From our award-winning safety program to our team of planning engineers that work to ensure our locations are developed in a manner conducive to the eventual reclamation of the site, we understand the importance of a company culture that emphasizes sustainability.


The aggregates we produce aren’t only a necessary part of a construction project. They are also instrumental in the environmental efforts to ensure we have clean air to breathe and clean water for our daily needs. RiverStone produces limestone which is used to reduce the stack emissions of coal-burning power plants. Farmers use our agricultural lime to maintain a balanced PH in the soil of their fields. Proper use of agricultural lime reduces the amount of man-made fertilizer necessary to produce our food crops, thereby reducing the occurrence of hypoxia, which can harm the fish stock and other aquatic species in our streams and rivers.


An important part of our quarry planning and operations focuses on the future, outlining the eventual reclamation of the site. Reclaimed quarries provide excellent sites for a wide range of uses. Several of our former quarries now serve as recreational lakes and wildlife habitat sites, providing tranquil and serene settings for both our human and wildlife neighbors. The photo above was at one time a quarry near Galesburg, IL. It was fully reclaimed into a viable ecosystem in 1982.